What it's like to give up wine for a month

Hi friends! Kelly here. If you’ve ever looked at my website or social media, you probably guessed that I love wine. Red, white, rose - it doesn’t matter to me. I drink wine with dinner, I like to visit wineries, and I enjoy sharing a bottle with my girlfriends while catching up. It will probably come as a surprise to you, then, that I gave up drinking wine for almost the entire month of June.

During the last weekend of May and first weekend of June, I drank too much wine. I spent too much money, stayed out too late, accomplished too little, and felt too bloated. I woke up on June 3rd after having gotten home at 3 am, and decided that I was not going to drink any more in the month of June in order to be healthy.

 Ice cold sauvignon blanc is the key to my heart in the summer.

Ice cold sauvignon blanc is the key to my heart in the summer.

This turned out to be much easier than I thought it was going to be. When I first told people that I wasn’t drinking in June, someone laughed at me. From that point forward, it was all about proving a point. I’m proud to say that from June 4th through June 30th, I didn’t drink a single drop of wine, or any alcohol at all for that matter.

June was a roller coaster month for me that involved many situations where I normally would have had a glass of wine. I walked away from a gig that wasn’t working out, I endured the most stressful week of my summer, I planned the largest and most successful event of my career, and I booked several important clients. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and worked an event where the other key players offered me wine once an hour. I politely said “no thank you” and drank seltzer instead.

Within the first week, I had a flat stomach. I felt more refreshed when I woke up in the morning and I got more accomplished throughout the day and evening. I saved money by not buying alcohol when I went out to eat, and I proved that I do, in fact, have willpower. All in all, I accomplished all I had hoped to.

On July 1st, I celebrated with a Fishers Island Lemonade while sitting out by my pool. I may have willpower, but I’m no teetotaler.


Kelly and The KME Team