Introducing Precious Putnam

Hi friends! To those of you who follow our blog, thank you! We’re starting a new series where we introduce you to some really fantastic bosses who are leaders in their industry. The name is still TBD, so let us know if you have any suggestions!


This week, we’re introducing you to Precious Putnam, Co-Owner/Operations Manager at The Beer’d Brewing Co. in Stonington, CT. In addition to leading one of Connecticut’s fastest growing breweries, Precious also works as a Vocational Coordinator for the Disabilities Network of Eastern Connecticut. Talk about busy!

As Co-Owner/Operations Manager, Precious focuses on the human aspects of the brewery. She is creating a positive customer experience by hiring and training taproom staff, ensuring customers have the right merchandise to purchase, and maintaining relationships with industry partners. There is never a “typical” day at Beer’d, so on any given day of the week, one might find Precious designing new glassware for the taproom, filing employee paperwork, or setting up a beer festival. Her strengths fall in the sales and marketing of the brewery, and so her day-to-day efforts are generally focused towards these tasks.


When Precious first opened the brewery with her partner, Aaren Simoncini (then boyfriend, now husband), people often assumed that she was the girlfriend helping out her boyfriend and that she didn’t really know about beer. After talking to Precious for just a couple of minutes, one would quickly learn that that assumption could not be farther from the truth. Over the years, as Precious continues to communicate and share her knowledge with customers and industry partners, more and more people come to respect her authority as a female leader in a male-dominated industry. As Precious and one of the brewers, Vanessa, at Beer’d like to say “the day people stop asking me what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry is the day we succeed.”

Owning a business brings a lot of stress, risk, and differing personalities. At the end of the day, Precious is most proud of being able to work with her husband and grow The Beer’d Brewing Co. into something that is beyond what they ever imagined. She leaves us with these wise words of advice: “be who you want to be” and “make it yours.”

Precious can be found on Instagram @beerdbrewing_precious

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The KME Team