How to Build a Great Cheese Board

A cheese board is a fantastic thing to bring to someone’s home for almost any occasion - girls night, cocktail party, holiday gathering, etc. Here’s our step-by-step guide to building a great cheese board so you can impress everyone you know.

Start with the board. It can be an interesting plate you have, a wooden cutting board, an interesting piece of slate - really any flat surface that can be washed.

Kelly McVeigh Events cheese board.jpeg

Cheese - we tend to stick to the rule of three when it comes to cheese. We choose three different cheeses that offer a nice variety. You’ll want to think about hard vs. soft, strong vs. mild, and exotic vs. well-known. If you can find something local, definitely go for that. The goal is to have a little bit of something for everyone, including those non-adventurous eaters.

Add ons - here is where you can really go crazy! We love to add some charcuterie - usually whatever is on sale or jumps out at us at the grocery store. We’ll also add nuts, dried fruit, and fresh fruit to give the board some color and texture. Sometimes we’ll put bread or crackers on the board, and sometimes we have those on the side, depending on the size of the vessel.

Arranging the board is often the most challenging part. Start by placing the cheeses in different corners. Add the meats next, in between the cheese. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can fold up the charcuterie to elevate your cheese board to the next level. Finally, add the fruit and nuts in small clusters around the other items.

For the final touch, we add little signs to note the different types of cheese, and we bring cheese knives that are appropriate for the types of cheese we are serving.

Crate and Barrel has some really fantastic cheese boards, knives, and accessories. If you’re creating a wedding registry, these are great items to include. It’s always more fun to entertain when you have the proper tools. Good luck creating your gorgeous cheese boards!


The KME Team