Real Wedding - Ellen and Pat

As New York City wedding planners, we’re often asked about our favorite moments from our weddings. Without a doubt, our answer is always the same: our favorite moment of any wedding is when the couple sees each other for the very first time. Sometimes, this is during a first look and sometimes it’s at the ceremony.

The September wedding of Ellen and Pat in Connecticut completely reconfirmed this favorite moment for us. When the doors opened to reveal Ellen (the bride), most people were focused on her and how incredibly stunning she looked. At that moment, we chose to focus our attention on Pat (the groom). He burst out in tears and made us remember why it is we love planning weddings. The love and joy in that room was incredibly moving.

This moment was the culmination of over two years of planning and months of separation. Both Ellen and Pat are in the military, Air Force and Coast Guard respectively, so for much of the planning process, the bride and groom were thousands of miles apart and constantly busy with work and everyday life.

Check out some of our favorite photos from the day below by the fabulous Sara Drew.